NEXCOM introduces MTK-Dock-02 Desktop Docking Station

NEXCOM has further expanded the functionality of its MRC range of rugged Tablet PCs with the launch of the MTK-Dock-02 Desktop Docking Station. Designed for use with all products in Nexcom’s MRC Series of Semi-rugged Tablet PC, the MTK-DOCK-02 has a number of innovative features which set it apart from conventional Desktop Docking Stations. For instance, the MTK-Dock-02 Docking Station has adjustable rubber feet, which ensure that the user can always obtain the optimal viewing angle. The MTK-Dock-02 Docking Station incorporates an additional battery charger which enables the MRC Tablet PC and additional battery pack to be charged simultaneously. To enhance connectivity, the Desktop Docking Station boasts 4 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x Giga Ethernet LAN connection and has an memory Card slot to support SD, xD, MS and SM.

The MTK-Dock-01 is suitable for use with all products in NEXCOM’s MRC 8.4” Tablet PC range including the MRC 2100E and MRC 2000E. Typical of the range is the feature-rich MRC 2100E Tablet PC which is equipped with Laser Barcode/RFID scanner, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. Rated to IP54 and with a Sunlight readable display, MRC 2100E offers semi-rugged technology at a commercially acceptable price.


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