DCI chooses QT framework, for Symbian-based mobile apps development

Dot Com Infoway, one of the top Indian Mobile apps developer chooses the QT framework, for its Symbian Mobile apps development services.

Dot Com Infoway, one of the top Mobile application development company in India, today announced, that it has chosen the QT framework, for its Symbian Mobile Development services. The company considers it as a major advancement in their Mobile Apps development segment. After the company’s recent announcement on acceleration of their iPhone Apps marketing services, it had planned to focus on the ever-growing Symbian Apps development services. When asked about the new announcement, DCI’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan, said “App vendors feel that the iPhone market is bigger and profitable, but top App developers like DCI knows that Symbian is even more bigger, having more than 50% of the total market share.” He also added that the opportunities are vast and the Symbian mobile Apps backed by the Nokia, has a big future, comparing to the other platforms.

DCI says that it has reasons to choose QT, while presently, QT is an open source framework and powerful C++ cross-platform application development framework, which makes it easy for mobile app developers to create mobile applications and deploy them on Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows CE, Windows Mobile or even on embedded Linux platforms without altering the source code. On including the S60 platform, Symbian app developers get the opportunity to develop apps for 94 million more S60 based Symbian devices along with the already existing other Symbian platform devices. Talking about the advantages, QT supports both GUI and non-GUI program development and notably, it can be used in the apps based on Adobe Photoshop Album, Google Earth, Opera, Skype, KDE, and VirtualBox.

Though its a new inception, DCI says that, it has planned to offer a wide-range of QT-based app development services like application framework development, Graphics View framework, Custom widget development, QT Webkit development, QT extensions, 2D/3D OpengGL graphics, QT-based app testing services and also porting QT apps to other different hardware platforms. Also using QT, a developer can render richer user experiences on 3D graphics, Bluetooth, Internet Stream media apps, multi-touch interface, unified inbox for email, IM, IMAP email and other novel enhancements. And as QT has a wide range of bindings for different languages like Python, PHP, Perl, Free Pascal, CommonQT, PyQT, the company considers it, as an added advantage for its developers to implement advanced widget sets. DCI, is currently one of the very few Mobile development companies that offers development of Mobile apps under all Mobile platforms.


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