MobileNavigator 7 for Windows Mobile and WindowsPhone by NAVIGON

The new NAVIGON MobileNavigator 7 will soon also transform smartphones
with the new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system into a fully
functional navigation device. In addition, the new software includes a
Latest Map Guarantee for new customers as well as the opportunity to
use further innovative services such as NAVIGON Traffic Live or Google
Local Search.

Acquiring a smartphone with the new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system
need not mean going without first-class navigation software. The new
MobileNavigator 7 software update from NAVIGON is also compatible with
the new mobile phone operating system, and it comes with some new
additional features and, at an introduction price of 74,95 euros, the
European version has been reduced by 20 per cent. “The new version
offers MN 7 customers as well as new customers the opportunity to
upgrade their smartphone with additional features and services for
navigation,” says Gerhard Mayr, vice-president of worldwide mobile
phone business & new markets at NAVIGON.
Optional additional services which users can enable on their device
after the update include the new feature, NAVIGON Traffic Live2,
already available for the Apple iPhone with the new software update and
now also for Windows Mobile-based smartphones. For a one-off payment of
24.95 euros, the innovative Live Service will provide real-time
information about traffic incidents, enabling drivers to identify
congestion at an early stage and, taking the current traffic situation
into account, avoid it. Following the software update, users also have
ready access to Google Local Search. This means users can scan the
Internet for additional destinations on their mobile phone directly by
means of the MN7 software and be navigated straight there.3
During the price campaign the software package including NAVIGON Mobile
Navigator EU and Traffic Live has been reduced by 30,00 euros and
therewith will be available for 89,95 euros.

The software update also offers the option of setting the map display
in portrait or landscape format. Another MN 7 upgrade is the Latest Map
Guarantee already established with NAVIGON PNAs whereby NAVIGON
guarantees new customers installing the MN 7 on their Windows Mobile
device for the first time the very latest map material at all times, or
alternatively the opportunity to download the latest map material on to
their device within thirty days after the first use. To introduce the
new software version, the current MobileNavigator 7 is offered at 74,95
euros instead of 99 euros to all new customers until January 18.
Lovers of camping will be interested in an additional extra: for 19.95
euros, MN 7 users can download the “ADAC Camping and Caravanning Guide
2009” and “ADAC Caravan Park Guide 2009” package onto their Windows
Mobile device, giving campers detailed information about more than
5,400 European campsites and 3,900 caravan parks in Europe.
The MN 7 update will be available to download this very year from the NAVIGON website and can be downloaded free of charge via NAVIGON Fresh. Both the
additional service Traffic Live and the ADAC Additional Packs like the
software itself will be available in the NAVIGON online shop.


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