Laplink’s SafeErase for Windows 7 Now Available

Laplink Software, Inc. today announced the
release of its latest version of Laplink SafeErase, which eliminates data completely making it safe
to recycle or dispose of used hard drives.

SafeErase is specifically designed to make it quick and easy to delete private data –
eliminating any chance of unauthorized access to your personal information.  Whether
individual files, folders, or an entire hard drive, SafeErase makes certain that confidential data
is permanently deleted and unable to be recovered.  Laplink SafeErase also comes with
pre-defined deletion profiles, as well as the ability to let the user delete browser data and
temporary internet files safely, simply, and forever.

“When you sell, return or recycle your old computer, the data on it is almost never fully
deleted.  Even when hard disks are reformatted, data thieves using data recovery software
easily obtain your private information such as customer data, financial data, construction plans or
even your passwords,” said Thomas Koll, Laplink’s CEO.

SafeErase utilizes proprietary methods for deleting data permanently, meeting standards set
by the U.S. Department of Defense and international organizations dedicated to preserving privacy.

“Consumers and businesses are setting up replacement computers every day, many by using our
PCmover software,” continued Koll.  “But the hard drive in the old computer is an open
invitation to identity thieves, unless it is physically destroyed or the data permanently deleted
using a product like SafeErase.”

PCmover is the top-selling software to
move or “migrate” from an old PC to a new one and is the only software capable of automatically
transferring data, settings, and programs. With PCmover, there is no need to reinstall programs, no
need to find old CDs or serial numbers, because PCmover does all the work.

“PCmover, by making it easy to set up a new PC, has become a very successful product,” said
Koll. “Since our customers are moving from an old PC to a new one, many of those customers will be
disposing or recycling their old PC – and that is why we offer SafeErase.”

Unique Features of Laplink SafeErase

  • TotalErase: With this function, a whole computer (including
    its system partition) can be securely deleted, without the need for boot media. This process begins
    automatically after restarting the system.
  • Internet Security: With Laplink SafeErase, it is even
    possible to delete sensitive internet data. The various internet browsers are automatically
    displayed, and all you have to select is what internet data you would like to delete (e.g.,
  • Pre-defined deletion profile: Laplink SafeErase has
    pre-defined deletion profiles, enabling the user to simply repeat commonly used deletion processes
    and thus increase efficiency. The program also saves the type of data to be deleted, so that the
    user can simply select the process and the job will automatically be executed. 
  • Quick deletion: Writing over data with zeros is a method
    whereby less sensitive data can be deleted at great speed.  In addition, Laplink SafeErase
    offers five other methods of deletion – each one differing in the number of overwrite passes and
    the type of overwriting employed.   Along with standard deletion procedures used by the
    U.S. Department of Defense, the Gutmann Methods are also available, meeting or exceeding the
    highest standards for security. 
  • Deletion of system drives: Individual system drives can be
    selected and securely deleted in offline mode.
  • Support of multi-core processors: Deletion speed is
    increased dramatically as SafeErase takes advantage of multi-core CPUs available in many newer
  • Detailed reports: It is particularly important for
    administrators that they have some kind of record of what data was deleted, and with which method.
    Reports can be made anonymously, to maintain data protection standards and to hide file names. 

Download SafeErase


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