Twitter Launched New mobile website

The developers at Twitter work on new mobile site, A more topical, or you find the features that we know on the website.

The address to go on this mobile version is: while the mobile version is still running at current address:
What I find most bizarre finally, is that Twitter does not offer a mobile version or mobile applications that can compete with what we know about the different mobile than we use.
“It’s probably no secret that Twitter has an active developer community, using our APIs to create fantastically innovative apps. Nor is it a secret that Twitter and mobile phones go together like birds and flight. What may be a less known fact is: Lots of people access Twitter on their phones via our good ol’ mobile website, and trusty ‘m’ has been delivering tweets faithfully,” Leland Rechis, head of Twitter’s User Experience team on the mobile front, wrote.

“So, the mobile team here built a brand new mobile web client from scratch, using only Twitter APIs, and we’d like to share the results with you. Our new mobile web site is previewing today, just point your phone’s browser to,” he added.


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