PowerColor Go! Green HD5750 Green product line requires no external power

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards,
introduced the Go! Green series of products earlier this year. Now,
PowerColor has taken the series to a new level by adding the HD5750 to
its lineup.

Being green is as much a corporate
responsibility as much as it is up to individuals. That’s why
PowerColor developed a series of products that consume less
power—thereby reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, while providing
the gaming performance gamers have come to expect from PowerColor video

This offer of the ultimate gaming performance while consuming less
power, is unique to the Go! Green series and now with the addition of
the HD5750 series, it aims to deliver the same gaming performance as
the reference version but without any extra power consumption even
under load. High-level performance and low power consumption can
co-exist without compromise.

“Less power equals less carbon
produced. That is why we developed the Go! Green series in the first
place,” says Ted Chen, TUL CEO. “The PowerColor Go! Green HD5750 is an
industry milestone—not only delivering outstanding performance in a
silent gaming environment, but also save energy. We lead the way when
it comes to developing new and innovative products and this cements our
place at the head of the class.”


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