Announces New Menu Editor App

MustHaveMenus announced today that it has released the Menu Editor, an online menu creation application that allows restaurateurs to create custom Christmas menus and other event menus, just in time for the holiday party season.

"Creating menus can be one of the most time consuming tasks for any restaurant," said Jim Williams, CEO of MustHaveMenus. "Our new Menu Editor makes it easy for a restaurant owner or manager to produce a customized Christmas menu for a holiday buffet, brunch or Christmas party." For many restaurants, menus are usually created using common desktop software. The menu is saved on the user’s personal computer, and must be updated from there. Using the Menu Editor, a MustHaveMenus member can select from a number of professionally designed menus. The user can enter menu dishes and prices online, and save the data. Customized menus can then be downloaded as a PDF, allowing members to print copies, email the menu to their customers, or post the menu to a restaurant website.

MustHaveMenus, launched in 2006, is dedicated to providing the best restaurant marketing and restaurant management solutions to its customers. Along with the Menu Editor, MustHaveMenus offers high quality menu templates, food images and graphics, and food icons that help customers design the perfect menu. MustHaveMenus also offers a restaurant management and marketing guide full of resources for busy restaurateurs, such as inventory spreadsheets, signage and articles that describe how to build a successful business.

The Menu Editor app can be used to update a large selection of holiday menus, for events such as Christmas parties, holiday buffets, or Christmas brunches. A selection of dessert menus are also Menu Editor-ready, making it easy for restaurant owners and managers to offer their customers updated dessert listings.

"One of the most useful features of the Menu Editor is that menus can be saved online, tied to your MustHaveMenus account," said Williams. "Your menu is safe, secure and easily accessible at any computer with an Internet connection. Next time you prepare for a holiday meal, your entire history of holiday menus will be right there." In the future, the Menu Editor will be expanded to include menus from every dining menu category on MustHaveMenus. Users will also be able to add their logo or other images to Menu Editor menus and move their dish names and descriptions among different menu designs.


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