Sourcefire 3D System 4.9 launches

Cybersecurity solutions provider Sourcefire Inc (Nasdaq:FIRE) announced on Friday the general availability of the Sourcefire 3D System 4.9 release, providing more than two dozen intrusion prevention system (IPS) enhancements.

The company said its Adaptive IPS automates key intrusion prevention functions, such as IPS tuning, impact assessment, user correlation and network discovery. The new release also introduces Policy Layering capability, enabling organisations with multiple detection policies to construct them in ‘building blocks,’ making it easy to create and modify policies by geography, site, department or by user.

The company has also added a Custom Analysis Widget to its portal-like dashboard, enhancing flexibility and has expanded its application detection capabilities by adding new detectors for Oracle, Firefox, Gnutella and Timbuktu.

In addition, Sourcefire is now shipping its first VMware-based virtual appliances, including the Sourcefire Virtual 3D Sensor and Sourcefire Virtual Defense Center. The Virtual 3D Sensor is compatible with VMware’s ESX and ESXi platforms, offers IPS protection from 5 to 500Mb/s and can be monitored and managed by physical or virtual Defense Center management consoles.

The new virtual appliances provide enterprises, managed security service providers (MSSPs) and cloud computing providers with the same Snort-based IPS protection as their physical 3D Sensor counterparts.

Organisations can utilise Sourcefire’s virtual appliances to: monitor traffic between two or more virtual machines (VMs); monitor traffic between physical hosts and VMs; monitor traffic between multiple physical hosts; and help contain the growing problem of VM Sprawl.

No pricing details were disclosed.


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