Silent Hunter Game for Mobile

The German publisher HandyGames offers mobile Java adaptation of the cult series Silent Hunter. Ready to take you to the wolves of the Atlantic?

The Silent Hunter series illustrates, with its prosecution of vessels aboard a German submarine during World War II, is available also on mobile Java thanks to the care of the publisher and studio HandyGames AMA.

The license Ubisoft takes the form of opus Silent Hunter: U-Boat Aces and promises 15 levels of strategy in the shoes of a commander of submarines to carry out various missions, continuing the rescue operation by passing by the objectives of tonnage to sink to the bottom.

In this mobile version, the submarine can change the surface and three levels of diving. It is armed with torpedoes and guns but he will face fighter escort submarines with their loads deep and floating mines.

It is also possible to get over the tasks of improvements to its building, while the crew will gain experience. Silent Hunter: U-Boat Aces, published by HandyGames, is available on major portals and operators.



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