Opera gets more than 12 million downloads in 7 days

On November 23, Opera invited you to help reinvent the Web. Within a week’s time, 12.5 million people discovered the power of Opera 10.10 with Opera Unite. This download rate shatters previous Opera records and marks an increase of 25 percent when compared to the download rates of Opera 10, launched two months earlier.

Opera’s support for open Web standards and commitment to speed, performance and security are the cornerstones to provide the most powerful Opera browser yet. Opera 10.10 offers a number of innovative features wrapped in an elegant user interface. One of Opera 10.10’s most notable new features is Opera Unite, a personal Web server for easier way to share content, such as photos and files. With Opera Unite, people are discovering ways to listen to music, share their photos, files and more, in a completely new way.

“With such remarkable download numbers, I am confident that we truly appealed to the needs of the Web-using public. Opera 10.10 is visually more compelling, and technologically speaking, it goes where no browser has gone before,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “We believe that, over time, Opera Unite has the power to erase preconceptions of how we access and share information on the Web.”

Opera currently counts for about 45 million active desktop users, with millions more using Opera on various types of devices, including mobile phones, game consoles, TVs and portable media players. The browser is developed with the company’s One Web mission in mind, in order to create a universal Web experience on any device, anytime, anywhere.



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