Skelta BPM Software is compatible with Windows 7

Skelta BPM Software is compatible with Windows 7 – Raising the bar for stability, performance, reliability and platform compatibility.

Skelta Software, a leader in the Business Process Management (BPM) arena today announced that their flagship product, BPM.NET, is compatible with Windows 7. Skelta BPM provides enterprises with a strong and collaborative platform that automates the sequence of human and system activities that are required to complete specific business goals.

Increase business value and productivity by easing migration and complementing your managed testing with “Compatible with Windows 7” applications. These applications have only signed executables and drivers for authenticity, and have passed Microsoft Corp. designed tests to help ensure they install easily and run reliably with the minimal number of hangs, crashes, or restarts.

Arvind Agarwal, CTO, Skelta Software said, “Being the early adopters of Microsoft technologies, we are often one of the first to enter any certification process. In the case of Windows 7, we are one of the first ISV’s to be named compatible with Windows 7 and we plan to take full advantage of the reliability, performance, security and ease-of-use features delivered with Windows 7.”


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