Google Real-Time Search

The Google engine offers to turn the real-time search through various partners including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace.

Google returns to the heart of business, web search, and after playing on the table adds the relevance of real time. Not that the search engine most used in the world is particularly slow to index the content, which it does at a remarkable speed, but this time it is to provide a constant flow of information refreshed.

This new real-time functionality is visible in the global version of Google. Following a request and within the results page, an insert Latest results for (final results) is displayed. The field offers dedicated real-time the last results for the query entered. These results are updated automatically, without user intervention, which has still the possibility to pause the flow. For better visibility, the user can click on the entry for Latest results and thus display only the field real time.

Google indicates that this feature uses more than a dozen search technologies that allow the engine to monitor more than one billion documents and process hundreds of millions of changes in real time each day. Partnerships have obviously been signed with content providers as well-known names: FriendFeed, Jaiku,, MySpace or Facebook.

The results are folded with the news sites and it will be possible to filter for example only show updates from Twitter. Google had already signed a non-exclusive agreement with Twitter. Bing Microsoft did the same and also offers the real-time search with a section dedicated to the microblogging service.

This real time functionality will be gradually deployed in the coming days to It is apparently already up for Twitter in particular. To Facebook or MySpace, it was not until early 2010 also with other languages than English.


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