Super Street Fighter IV Adon

Announced and then briefly illustrated, Adon only benefit the new photo shoot organized by Capcom.

The company wanted to push Japan’s deputy until after publishing photos of a fight between Sagat Adon to. Both fighters were not chosen by chance, connoisseurs know something. It must indeed know that Adonis was the pupil of Sagat for three long years. We understand better why these two heroes have been met.

Both speak perfect muay-thai, Thai boxing. Although it is considered an inferior fighter, Adon has an array of devastating blows. These manipulations required to trigger these moves are substantially identical to those of Sagat. But Adon wants more acrobatic and mobile than his former master.
It has the advantage of being highly mobile and inflict damage very honest. However, it does not lengthen a Sagat and must remain a short distance. Adon is one of the new characters introduced in Super Street Fighter IV. At the moment six were released on a theoretical total of eight.

Release date scheduled for the second quarter 2010 on PS3 and Xbox 360.





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