PopCap Launches Chuzzle for iPhone

PopCap Games, the leading developer and publisher of broadly appealing video games, today announced the launch of its match-3 puzzle game hit Chuzzle for the iPhone and iPod® touch. Developed in concert with John Raptis, the designer and developer of the original PC version, Chuzzle is available immediately for $4.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch, or at www.itunes.com/appstore.

"Chuzzle is another great addition to PopCap’s growing library of titles for the iPhone and iPod touch," said Andrew Stein, director of mobile platforms at PopCap Games. "The touch screen of the Apple devices is the ideal interface for the ‘sliding’ mechanic at the core of the game. This is a fantastic adaptation that delivers on PopCap’s outstanding track record for bringing out some of the most acclaimed games available in the App Store. Young or old, male or female, everybody loves playing Chuzzle."

In Chuzzle, players shift rows of cute furballs called "chuzzles" to create vertically or horizontally matching sets of three or more chuzzles of the same color, causing the chuzzles to explode with happiness while more chuzzles drop from above to take their places. Four different game modes offer a nearly infinite range of challenges across seemingly limitless levels, and giant chuzzles, rainbow chuzzles, super chuzzles, and other bonuses help overcome various obstacles.

Key features of Chuzzle iPhone include:

  • Four different modes providing infinite level configurations and virtually limitless game play:
    • Classic Mode: the original Chuzzle in all its glory
    • Zen Mode: Stress-free, endless play without levels, locks or other constraints; the player’s progress is indicated by colorful markers that appear as higher thresholds of popped chuzzles are reached
    • Mind-Bender Mode: a different sort of Chuzzle puzzle in which players slide rows and columns of chuzzles to make specified patterns
    • Speed Mode: standard Chuzzle action – only faster (and harder!)
  • Trophy Room: Your own personal "Hall of Fame" with more than twenty different trophies to collect and admire!
  • Scrambles: This special option instantly shuffles all chuzzles on the board anytime you run out of options/moves; in the mobile version of the game, players can earn and save up to five scrambles at any given time, earning an additional scramble every 150,000 points
  • Dynamic Level Generation: Ensures each game is different no matter how many times you play

PopCap’s current library of iPhone and iPod touch titles also includes Bejeweled™ 2, Peggle™ and Bookworm™. The highly acclaimed Plants vs. Zombies™ will be available soon.


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