Modern Warfare 2 patch 1.06 fixes Javelin glitch and more

Robert Bowling has announced that Microsoft will soon release a new patch to fix the dreaded "Javelin Glitch" and some other problems like  infinite care packages, geography exploits. 

He quoted the following in his twitter post:

For those playing #MW2 on Xbox 360. The same fixes that are in 1.06 are coming to you, it’s currently in Microsoft cert.Out of my hands.

For PS3:

PS3 update 1.06
is the javelin fix, care package glitch fix, and addresses areas where
players could get into geo. Like rocks on Afghan


Following is the update summery of this patch:

  • Fixes the Javelin glitch (thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster!)
  • Fixes unlimited care packages glitch
  • Fixes areas where players could exploit geography



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