Electronic Arts confirms Dead Space 2

Not surprisingly, rumors and evidence could not be more tangible circulating for weeks, Electronic Arts has formalized the development of a sequel to the horror Dead Space. Despite criticism for virtually unanimous action game was won on that success with public.

This partial success has not stopped Electronic Arts to launch production of a series simply titled Dead Space 2. It should arrive on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but the American publisher has not seen fit to clarify the release date. He also has not seen fit to present us with some illustrations of this series will therefore take his misfortune patiently to see what she looks.

A sequel is underway in the local Visceral Games in Redwood Shores. The hero of the first opus, Isaac Clarke, will return for an adventure that promises to bring "the fight to the Necromorphs" and "explore environments at zero gravity" … Affaire a suivre donc.

Dead Space 2 first game details will be announced in the next edition. The opportunity to clarify – again – that Dead Space 2 should contain a multiplayer online.


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