ChromiumOS64 a 64-bit Chrome OS

Zhang Enming is a Singaporean developer decided to make the porting of the operating system from Google that is Chrome OS in a 64-bit.
While Google Chrome OS is designed for netbooks which are all equipped
with 32-bit processors (Intel Atom).This is
because the majority of the netbooks in the market are based on Intel
Atom processors, which are mostly 32-bit. It is highly anticipated that
Google’s Chrome OS will debut in 2010, based on the open source
Chromium OS project, which is itself based on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

Where the project named ChromiumOS64,
Can enjoy the benefits of 64 bits, including addressing more memory. ChromiumOS64 is an unofficial port of the original Google’s
Chromium OS project (when officially released in 2010, it will be
called Google Chrome OS) to the x86_64 64-bit architecture. The
original Chromium OS project does not support 64-bit platforms.


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