WOLF Frameworks adds iPhone support to Platform-as-a-Service Framework

Design & deliver analytics, real time dashboard & mashable SaaS
applications for the iPhone user community using WOLF PaaS

Wolf Frameworks, a leading Cloud Computing & Platform-as-a-Service
(PaaS) Venture, headquartered in Bangalore, today announced the
official support for iPhone mobile devices. SaaS applications built
using WOLF PaaS now enjoy the ability to work seamlessly on the Apple
iPhone mobility platform and serve the needs for customers who require
constant analytics, mobility and higher productivity at zero extra cost.

Demand for instant access to mission critical business process data and
analytical dashboards have been growing worldwide. Delivering line of
business applications across a large spectrum of channels such as the
browser, mobile, kiosk and eventually wearable computing opens up the
whole different possibility for users developing next generation SaaS
applications on WOLF PaaS.

“Better visibility leads to better performance, eventually driving
higher stickiness. We are witnessing a growing change on SaaS user
behaviors driven by the iPhone platform and are in the process of
opening up support for other leading mobile platforms. Partners who are
focused around developing apps for the iPhone user community can now
tap into our zero code – point & click WOLF environment to rapidly
design & enable SaaS applications for a variety of business
analytical scenarios. We are also seeking out for Teams who are skilled
with iPhone environment & plan to develop SaaS business
applications to work with us closely” said Mr. Sunny Ghosh, Director
and CEO, WOLF Frameworks.

“Our auto refreshing dashboard & analytical charts keeps changing
dynamically based on Real Time background data for the iPhone user.
Without any extra efforts, WOLF based SaaS application partners can now
offer iPhone support for all their customer applications and it
leverages the power of advance 3G networks as well. We are using the
iPhone local database for personalization and regular AJAX request
without anything fancy to make all this work together” said Mr. Ralph
Vaz, Founder & CTO, WOLF Frameworks.

“The ability to manage technology, with unmatched speed in delivering
new functionality & still offer a simple business model to
accommodate different customer needs makes WOLF Frameworks a lucrative
platform for our SaaS development initiatives” said Mr. H.S Jagadeesh,
Founder & CEO, eCounting, an emerging online Accounting SaaS
company based in India. “The WOLF iPhone release makes it easy for us
to drive our corporate sales & senior management adoption”

For Startups, IT Solution Providers, Domain Consultants and Business
Process Management Firms, please visit the following URL
http://www.wolfframeworks.com/ – register for the 2 user free account
and you can start exploring WOLF Framework and know more about the
partner program. Interested customers can reach the WOLF Team directly:
+1 (703)-953-1053 / +91 80 2572 4140 and get their custom business
applications developed via a WOLF partner under the new promotional
offer. For more information, please write to sales@wolfframeworks.com


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