Wolf Frameworks PaaS provide customized e-accounting and financial SAAS application


  • Entire application built in 60 days, automating standard Book Keeping & Financial statements.
  • Application is delivered from a highly secured browser based Cloud Computing Environment


Wolf Frameworks,
a leading Cloud Computing & Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Venture,
headquartered in Bangalore, today announced that a 15 year old
Chartered Accountancy firm has built a fully customized accounting SAAS
product called eCounting, a Book Keeping & Financial SaaS product
on Wolf’s PaaS, targeting the Indian Accounting Community. The entire
application was built in only 60 days time and has already acquired 20
plus customers. The eCounting application will enable to deliver
end-to-end web based accounting solution for Chartered Accountants
& Businesses that automate complete book keeping & financial
reporting processes and deliver the advantages of paperless account
processing as an on-demand service to their clients.

ECounting CMS was sending their accountants to customer’s
office to enter accounting data & prepare weekly MIS financial
reports in excel sheets which were then emailed out to the management.
They felt a need to provide their customers with an easy to use,
secured web based system which can be accessed online for entering,
storing all accounting related transactions of an organization and
generate instant reports and analysis. No accounting software available
in the Indian market was available on the web or as an OnDemand Model.

ECounting choose Wolf Frameworks PaaS as their OnDemand SaaS
Development Platform to develop & deploy their idea & business
need as a SaaS application. eCounting provided functional details and
was not involved in writing technical code. Wolf Platform generates
code based upon the Business Application Design automatically. WOLF’s
team provided a 4 day hands on training & guidance program to
eCounting business analysts where they shared knowledge, transferred
skills rapidly. Hence eCounting was able to cut down the time from an
idea to market dramatically & were ready to go with their Beta
offering to market within a few months. eCounting CMS got to own the IP
without spending any upfront capital expenses on software licensing or
paying for maintenance. Future technology enhancements & delivery
is taken care by WOLF PaaS and hence eCounting is focused around
customer needs & feature enhancements.

"Our operations being geographically widespread, lack of complete
accounting information, financial analytics in real time and easy
accessibility to our customers were inhibiting our growth forward. We
were looking for an integrated solution that offered a customizable web
accounting software which aligned to the Indian accounting &
auditing practices with an OnDemand business model. Being an SMB we
wanted a solution which was cost effective with minimal burden on our
IT department. We did evaluate several PaaS providers, however, Wolf’s
PaaS, delivered a rare combination that offered software and hosting
infrastructure along with a high security environment in a very
affordable per user rate that delivered the ability to build in-depth
complex workflows that matched and mirrored our processes exactly" said
Mr. H.S. Jagadeesh, Founder &CEO, eCounting.

Adding further, Jagadeesh said "If we had built this application on
any other platform, we could not have offered the flexibility and cost
benefits which we plan to offer. We offer eCounting to Chartered
Accountants & Accounting Community who can then offer the same as
their own SaaS accounting to their clients along with additional
services such as Filing of statutory returns, investment advisory
services, payroll maintenance, and related services on a subscription

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sunny Ghosh, CEO Wolf Frameworks said
"It gives me immense pleasure in announcing that eCounting has chosen
Wolf Frameworks PaaS to build this unique web based accounting
software. This is one of the first SaaS accounting products running on
WOLF PaaS. We believe that Wolf’s PaaS fits into a sweet spot where we
can cater to the increasing demand for developing & delivering
customized SaaS applications targeting the SMB sector, at a fractional
cost with higher scalability and dependability." Adding further, he
said, "eCounting will revolutionize the accounting service industry by
introducing a browser based collaborative accounting approach for all
stake holders i.e. business owners, accountants and chartered
accountants and save cost, time & increase efficiency."


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