Sun Fire X4640 Server is Fastest x64 System Sets World Records

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced its new Sun
Fire(TM) X4640 server, based on the Six-Core AMD Opteron(TM) processor,
delivered outstanding performance on industry-standard benchmarks. These
results highlight the enterprise-class performance and significant
infrastructure and management cost savings Sun’s integrated
infrastructure with the Solaris(TM) Operating System (OS) deliver
through the convergence of compute, networking and storage.
The new Sun Fire X4640 server uses up to eight Six-Core AMD Opteron
processors in 4RU, making it the most compact 24- to 48-core system
available from tier one vendors. With up to 65 percent better
performance than the previous generation Sun Fire(TM) X4600M2 server(1)
and up to half a terabyte of memory in 64 memory slots, the Sun Fire
X4640 server helps customers increase data center efficiency and is an
exemplary platform for enterprise databases and HPC applications as well
as virtualization and consolidation. The Sun Fire X4640 server supports
the Solaris, Windows and Linux operating systems and VMware, Solaris(TM)
Containers and Microsoft Hyper-V for virtualization.

The benchmark results announced today are:

Two-tier SAP(R) Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application
Benchmark – The Sun Fire X4640 server with eight AMD Opteron
processors (48 cores, 48 threads) delivered an outstanding x86
Unicode-based result and set an eight-processor world record with 10,000
SAP SD Benchmark users running the SAP enhancement package 4 for the SAP
ERP 6.0 application (Unicode)(2). The SAP SD Standard Application
Benchmark represents the critical tasks performed in real-world ERP
business environments and demonstrates the performance of systems
running sell-from-stock workloads. The outstanding result achieved on
the latest Unicode version of the benchmark demonstrates the advantage
of deploying the Sun Fire X4640 server and Solaris OS for customers
looking to gain seamless multilingual support with SAP applications.

Versus the competition on the two-tier SAP SD Standard Application
Benchmark, the Sun Fire X4640 server running SAP solutions with
Oracle(R) Database on top of the Solaris 10 OS, delivered:

  • 21 percent better performance than an eight-processor HP ProLiant
    DL785 G6 system that utilized faster CPUs and ran the Windows OS(3)
  • 33 percent better performance than a 16-processor NEC Express 5800
  • 2.7x the performance of a four-processor IBM System 550 server(5)

SPECompL2001 – The Sun Fire X4640 server with eight AMD Opteron
model 8435 processors running the Solaris 10 10/09 OS with Sun(TM)
Studio 12 Update 1 compiler software, posted the top x86 result on
SPECompL2001(6). The SPEC OMP benchmark represents workloads often used
in high-energy physics, weather modeling, computational chemistry and
mechanical design, and consists of medium and large problem sets that
stress the computer’s processor, memory, compilers and OpenMP
implementation. Running parallel applications with 48 compute threads
and half a terabyte of memory, the Sun Fire X4640 server is well suited
for memory intensive, technical workloads and extends Solaris OS and Sun
Studio leadership in the OpenMP space using x86 architectures.



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