Reveille Software Announces Support for Proactive Monitoring of CMIS 1.0 Web Services

Upgraded Reveille application enables end-to-end monitoring of ECM web-services standard

Reveille Software(TM), provider of the most widely-used experience and performance management (EPM) solution for enterprise content management (ECM) applications, has upgraded Reveille EPM to proactively monitor the web services supported by the emerging Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS) 1.0.

CMIS is a draft standard proposal consisting of a set of Web services for sharing information that seeks to ensure interoperability for people and applications using multiple content repositories. The Reveille EPM enhancements will collect real-time user information and provide the ability to test and validate the performance of the CMIS 1.0 web services to verify that end-to-end transactions are accurately and quickly processed- ensuring operational integrity.

"We believe the CMIS initiative is especially important for organizations with disparate content management systems," said Bob Estes, CEO of Reveille Software. "With our enhancements to Reveille EPM and the CMIS standard, we now provide a consolidated dashboard view for all collaborative content management activity across the enterprise."

Led by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee works to standardize a Web services interface specification that will enable greater interoperability of enterprise content management (ECM) systems. CMIS uses Web services and Web 2.0 interfaces to enable rich information to be shared across Internet protocols in vendor-neutral formats — among document systems, publishers and repositories, within one enterprise and between companies.

The public review for the CMIS 1.0 level standard is now open and will conclude December 22, 2009. Support for the CMIS standard includes content management suppliers Alfresco, Day Software, EMC, FatWire, IBM, Microsoft, Open Text, Oracle, SAP and others.

"When employing Web Services with SOA architectures, companies have significantly more flexibility, therefore it is increasingly important that organizations also have immediate visibility into the end-to-end user service levels of a compound ECM application," said Brian DeWyer, CTO and VP Product Management of Reveille Software. "Reveille’s agentless ability to monitor the CMIS 1.0 Web services enables companies using multiple ECM repositories to quickly and proactively monitor interfaces across ECM platforms that support the CMIS 1.0 standard. We can then provide a comprehensive view of both the native and CMIS 1.0-based interfaces for a number of the leading content management suppliers."


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