Fujitsu Announces a Range of New Partnerships

Fujitsu, a leading IT systems, services and products company, has signed partnership agreements with four leading retail solutions providers. The partnerships will enable retailers to benefit from market leading innovations with the support of fully managed systems integration and service delivery.

The recession has seen retailers reassessing their priorities and many technology improvements that were on the top of the investment list two years ago, are now considered a luxury that can wait.

As part of its strategy to provide retailers with enhanced core store services and in-store technologies, Fujitsu liaised with a number of leading retailers across the fashion, speciality and food sectors to get a full understanding of their current requirements. The feedback was that the priorities across all sectors for 2010 are optimisation, standardisation and improving customer experience.

In order to provide the most appropriate solutions to meet these requirements, Fujitsu has selected the following four innovative and dynamic partners:

  • Enactor – a comprehensive suite of Web 2.0 online applications, systems and tools for multi-channel retailers which allow users to easily change and create applications to suit the business needs – without the need for a developer. The solution is intuitive to use and includes transactional, operational and planning applications. From the creators of Retail J, the most widely used retail store system application, Enactor provides a unique set of retail solutions that put the retailer in control.
  • InVision Software – enterprise-wide workforce management solutions enabling retailers to optimise their staff planning, scheduling and time-management processes. The solutions enable retailers to enhance workforce productivity and ensure better customer service, increased sales and reduced operating costs. Stores can create schedules that consistently deliver the best possible fit between customer flow and staffing levels, while complying with all relevant labour standards including work-life balance guidelines and employee preferences.
  • Mindstorm – patented technology that brings any surface or space to life by turning it into a multi-user intelligent, interactive touchscreen. With similar functionality and connectivity to the latest touchscreen smartphones, Mindstorm has many in-store uses including enhancing the customer experience with touchscreen checkouts, replacing static displays and catalogues with multiple interactive applications and turning store windows into a sales point to extend shopping hours by capturing passing trade.
  • Retail Manager – this highly successful retail specific task management application enables retailers to control operational processes centrally across all stores and channels, ensuring that store managers are focused on value-adding activities rather than clerical administration. The web-based system is intuitive to use and provides functionality for compliance management, communication, collaboration and real-time operational data collection, driving operational excellence.

Sarah Kellett, retail industry consultant at Fujitsu UK and Ireland, said: “Our four new partners all offer market leading solutions which address the core challenges retailers are facing. Working closely with these companies, Fujitsu will manage and support implementations for retailers from the initial analysis of the requirement through to service delivery. These partnerships reflect the pressing need to drive operational agility and excellence whilst offering retailers the opportunity to improve their customers’ experience.”




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