Foremay released the World’s Fastest Compact Flash Card with read/write speeds up to 90/80 MB/s

High speed compact flash card from Foremay achieves read/write speeds up to 90/80 MB/s for both industrial and commercial applications with capacities up to 128GB.

Foremay, Inc., a leader of technology innovations in solid state drive ( SSD ) and one of the world’s Top 10 SSD OEMs, today announced the SC199 V-series and EC188 M-series CompactFlash card flash hard drives. Foremay’s compact flash memory is the world’s fastest compact flash card with read/write speeds up to 90/80 MB/s, with a maximum capacity up to 128GB for select models.

“CompactFlash cards for a long time have had a wide variety of applications from airplanes to digital cameras,” said Jack Winters, Foremay’s Chief Technical Officer. “Foremay’s effort is to bring high speed performance together with high capacity onto CompactFlash cards so that their applications can be extended into new areas that were limited before by traditional CompactFlash memory’s speed and capacity.”

SC199 V-Series and EC188 M-series high speed compact flash cards (CF) incorporate Foremay’s next generation SSD technologies that are designed for high reliability and high performance. SC199 V-series industrial compact flash cards target mission critical and industrial applications. EC188 M-series fast compact flash cards target enterprise and commercial applications such as high definition digital cameras and HD camcorders.

Foremay’s High Speed Compact Flash Card Availability
The SC199 V-Series and EC188 M-series fast CF cards include:

  • Different form factors: Type 1 and Type 2
  • Different unit capacities: from 4GB to 128GB
  • Different speed choices: from 233X to 667X
  • Different operating temperatures: 0 ~ 70°C and -40 ~ +85°C

Both SC199 V-Series and EC188 M-series fast compact CF cards are now shipping in volume production. Datasheets and pricing are available upon request; for more information please contact



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