Virtual Bridges introduces VERDE 3

Virtual Bridges announced today the immediate availability of the newest version of  its virtual desktop infrastructure suite with the release of Virtual Bridges’ VERDE 3.0 software.  The software is used by organizations of all sizes to dramatically lower the total cost of ownership of desktop computing.

VERDE is unique in offering the ability to run both Windows and Linux desktop “guest” sessions giving organizations not only the power to significantly reduce costs in Windows-only environments, but also an alternative to Windows-only solutions as “Cloud” computing begins to erode the importance of the traditional Windows desktop. In partnership with the IBM Client for Smart Work and Canonical’s Ubuntu server VERDE delivers the lowest cost desktop computing environment in the industry from both a CapEx and OpEx perspective.

Windows 7

Migrating to Windows 7 is now as easy as changing your “gold master” images. Organizations that embrace VDI now can adopt Windows 7 much more smoothly. After all the application compatibility issues have been ironed out, and the training on the new interface has been completed, switching over to Windows 7 or an alternative Linux virtual desktop is as easy as adding to or replacing the gold image associated with certain groups of users.  Nothing could be simpler. Organizations can run Windows 7 or Linux in parallel with legacy Windows XP desktops so that hiccups and drama can be kept to a minimum allowing a smooth and cost-effective transition. Deploying VERDE now is the perfect catalyst for efficiently diversifying your desktop portfolio to optimize cost savings.

Branch computing

One of the biggest problems facing VDI today is its inability to extend effectively from the data center to the branch without unacceptable network latencies impacting the user experience or complex, expensive server, network and storage infrastructure often beyond the capabilities of the branch staff to maintain. VERDE Cloud Branch eliminates WAN latency issues for branch users by automatically replicating a centrally-managed gold master image to the remote site. This approach does not require any on-premise management of the server or expensive equipment. Organizations can now seamlessly extend the power of VDI to the branch providing users with LAN-based performance for the affordable cost of a low-end server, without any of the management overhead.

Desktops in the Cloud

VERDE 3.0 enables MSP’s to support multiple tenants in a managed environment that delivers desktops in the cloud to both non-profit, SMB and Enterprise users for a fraction of the cost of procuring and managing these desktops themselves. Partners like Midas Networks offer both a “Premium” desktop based on Windows and Office and a “Value” desktop based on Linux and the IBM Client for Smart Work. Multi-tenancy is a key enabler to simplify management and infrastructure thereby driving IT costs as low as possible. 
IBM Client for Smart Work is a cloud-and Linux-based desktop package designed for use on a company’s existing fleets of personal computer or even low-cost netbooks. It includes open standards-based email, productivity editors, real-time communications, social computing and more.

"Virtual Bridges continues to be an important option for customers deploying the IBM Client for Smart Work," said Bob Sutor, IBM VP for Open Source and Linux. "The economics of deploying Linux desktops from the cloud using VERDE 3.0 should be attractive to customers who don’t want to upgrade their existing desktop hardware or those looking to exploit the latest wave of inexpensive netbook computers."   

Disaster recovery, agility and endpoint security

VERDE LEAF (Live Environment Accessible Format) is the ultimate in micro disaster recovery. While off-site back up and redundant servers allow recovery from catastrophic failure, what happens when an individual computer is stolen, lost or damaged? VERDE LEAF allows organizations to issue “desktops on a stick” which can be plugged into any computer allowing users not only mobility and agility but also the ability to instantly recover from critical failure of their primary desktop. LEAF is a locked down user environment that resists malware infection and installation of other unauthorized software. LEAF also allows repurposing of existing PCs without any need for additional hardware. In addition, LEAF seamlessly marries life-like video conferencing and VoIP with the VERDE virtual desktop experience.

Compelling cost and ROI

VERDE 3.0 offers unparalleled cost performance metrics when compared to traditional PC management techniques as well as compared to the server-oriented virtualization competition from VMware and Citrix. VERDE has a fully-loaded cost including VDI software, server hardware and user storage of roughly $200 per user. This compares to over $1000 for solutions from VMware and Citrix and compares very favorably to the CapEX of a low-end PC at $600-$800. The true power of VERDE goes beyond just the CapEx advantages and shines with the streamlining of OpEx savings through simpler management, more elegant design and flexibility of deployment options from VDI to managed-desktop to branch-oriented architectures.

VERDE protocol

The VERDE protocol has been enhanced to offer the best balance of performance, endpoint security, multimedia, low bandwidth capabilities and local services such as seamless printing, high availability, and local device access and file sharing of any protocol on the market.

Mac, too!

VERDE 3.0 finally brings the Mac community into the fold by providing access to Windows and Linux virtual desktop sessions from Mac clients. Mac users can now participate in VDI deployments together with Windows and Linux access points bringing the power of VDI to the entire desktop community.

Enhanced Clustering and Management

VERDE 3.0 delivers a dramatically improved management interface that is accessible from any endpoint, including handheld devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry and others. VERDE 3.0 management is further simplified with the addition of rules-based that makes adding virtual desktops as easy as adding and deleting users from Active Directory or other authentication services. Finally, VERDE 3.0 boasts reduced cluster management resource requirements with a lower energy and data center footprint.

New features in VERDE 3.0 include:
•   Windows 7 Support – Full support for Microsoft Windows 7 Clients
•   VERDE Cloud Branch Support – replicates centrally-managed gold master images to remote sites eliminating WAN latency
•   VERDE LEAF Technology – turns any computer into a thin client with VDI and telephony integrated.
•   Enhanced Clustering Enhancement :  allows ability to manage Multiple virtual machines per user
•   Integrated VOIP Integration – Skype support built into the SMART client
•   Client support for Apple Mac desktops
•   Protocol Upgrades
•   Enhanced Active Directory Integration


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