CrossTec Corporation offers additional layer of security and protection through IT asset management software

While dedicated security products such as anti-virus, spyware, and malware software are standard components in an organization’s arsenal, harmful trojans and phishing schemes have repeatedly eluded even the most sophisticated preventive measures. CrossTec Corporation a leading provider of software management solutions, offers organizations an additional layer of security and protection through its flagship IT asset management software, EMS v3.0, in concert with CrossTec Secure desktop security software. Key features–including a combination of alert, monitoring, and lockdown tools–enable IT admins to proactively identify and seal off desktops and the Windows OS before malicious downloads or undesirable changes can harm the network.

"Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to viruses and schemes, as the time spent combating or recovering from attacks represents significant drains on productivity and result in lost revenue," says David Richards, CEO of CrossTec Corporation. "Perhaps most ominously, cyber criminals have stolen at least $40 million from SMBs across America in a sophisticated but increasingly common form of fraud where online banking credentials are stolen with the help of malicious software distributed through spam. Our products are designed to bolster any security framework by enabling SMBs–indeed any organization–to vigilantly monitor their assets across the enterprise, ensuring that threats–whether intentional or accidental–are detected in real-time, protecting critical desktop data and the integrity of Windows operating systems."

CrossTec EMS v3.0 provide a first level protection with the following features:    

  • Monitoring. EMS monitors applications in real-time on each desktop in the network and sends information back to the central console, allowing IT admins to identify unauthorized downloads and changes that may harm the network.
  • Alerts. Alerts detect prohibited software or actions on each desktop in the network, ensuring that issues are dealt with as quickly as possible, minimizing potential downtime or security risks.

CrossTec Secure then allows IT admins to secure desktops and the network with the following tools:

  • Blocking. Blocking tools prevent users from deleting files and applications, making unauthorized changes to the desktop or operating system, saving or using unauthorized programs, or utilizing USB or CD drives that may upload unwanted programs or files.
  • Data Protection and Recovery. When required, the system provides additional data protection with an automated recovery feature that can restore desktops and the network to a previous point in time on reboot, quickly and transparently.

Free 30-day evaluations of CrossTec EMS v3.0 and CrossTec Secure can be downloaded at, or call (800) 675-0729 to speak with an account manager.


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