Acer X1261 projector with nVIDIA 3D Vision ready for 3D gaming

London Are you ready for the third dimension? The third dimension
revolutionizes the visual experience introducing the depth factor and
literally projecting the user into the middle of the action for a real
full immersion.

After transforming the computer world with the presentation of the
first notebook able to offer 3D vision, now Acer complete its offer of
3D products with the X1261 projector with nVIDIA 3D Vision ready, then
renders high-impact video performance for big-screen 3D gaming, movie
and sport viewing as well as stunning 3D lessons to captivate students,
even in rooms with bright ambient light.

The three-dimensional experience is made possible by nVidia 3D Vision
technology, that can transform the flat surface of your living room
wall into a 3D screen thanks to a combination of a PC with a compatible
graphic card and special 3D shutter glasses.

The 3D shutter eyeglasses with two lenses synchronized by the PC are an
essential part of stereoscopic nVidia® 3D Vision™ technology.
Every image is rendered twice, once for the right eye and once for the
left, so that it is offset in relation to its ‘double’. The GPU sends
this information to the Acer X1261, which works at a frequency of 120
Hz, and shows even-numbered frames to the left eye and odd-numbered
frames to the right eye. The 3D glasses open and lose each lens in
synchronicity with the projector, so as to create the illusion of
observing a scene with real depth. The battery-powered glasses work via
a special infrared transmitter.

The Acer X1261 projector showcases highly detailed text and images with
a 2500 ANSI Lumens brightness, 3700:1 contrast ratio, native XGA
resolution and a lamp lifetime of up to 4000 hours. Color performance
is enhanced on any surface, even on colored walls with Acer ColorBoost
II+ technology and wall-color compensation. ColorSafe prevents color
decay resulting from extended use of the projector and Acer
EcoProjection technology reduces standby power consumption by up to 50
percent while delivering superb performance.


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