Fusion-io core ioMemory technology Faster, Cooler Solid-State Technology

Fusion-io today announced the company’s core
ioMemory technology will serve as the basis for a solid-state storage
solution offered exclusively in IBM’s family of System x
servers. The new solution is designed to address the storage needs of
data-heavy applications such as those used in social media, ecommerce
and financial services.

The new IBM High IOPS Adapter will help
database, application and system administrators architect their data
centers to meet performance goals that could not be realized with
traditional, disk-based storage solutions. For example, by utilizing
the server-deployed storage tier, known as Flash Memory Tier (FMT),
data-heavy graphics and 3-D renderings from medical research could be
processed in minutes instead of hours.

Additionally, the power
and cooling costs of these solid-state technologies are less than one
percent of traditional spinning drives. Since the High IOPS Adapter is
deployed directly in the server, storage rack space requirements can be
reduced to zero in some applications.

"In today’s data center,
systems running everything from online commerce to medical records are
being asked to manage massive amounts of data," said Robert Galush,
vice president, IBM Systems & Technology Group. "Working with
Fusion-io, System x servers are delivering technology that optimizes
these data-heavy workloads, allowing systems to not only handle the
increases, but do so more efficiently."

Adapter supports enterprise customers’ reliability needs by offering
Fusion’s Flashback protection, which features chip-level redundancy.
The Adapter also gives customers advanced error correction and many
other features that make the solid-state solution one of the most
dependable in the industry.

“We are excited to to collaborate
with IBM and bring easily managed, server-deployed solid-state
technology to more of the world’s system and database administrators,”
said David Flynn, CTO and president of Fusion-io. “In addition to the
data performance improvements and industry-leading reliability, IBM
customers have the ability to significantly reduce capital equipment,
floor space and power consumed by their data center operations,
enabling innovation at all levels of the data center architecture."


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