Theorem Launches Creatives On Tap

Creatives, online media operations and data services company Theorem, Inc. has introduced, an online advertising tool that allows advertisers to create display and video ads on Web sites.

Currently, the tool is in a beta-testing phase, during which it is being offered to Web site publishers. Publishers using CreativesOnTap provide advertisers with creative freedom to design a display, Flash or video ad through the tool’s do-it-yourself technology. CreativesOnTap includes stock sound and images. Advertisers can also upload their own images, video or sound for their ads.

In addition, publishers are also able to monitor and promote inventory at their discretion, automating the work flow of banner ad creation, targeting inventory and controlling pricing.

"CreativesOnTap is a natural addition to our creative offerings," said Jay Kulkarni, CEO of Theorem. "The tool streamlines workflow for publishers by giving them the ability to better monetize and manage their online ad inventory and provide their advertisers with an added incentive. The tool also gives smaller advertisers direct access to premium sites. We are eager to work through this beta stage into our complete offering, which will include additional components for advertisers." Some publishers, like, will be beta testing the tool internally as a way to increase efficiency in creating display advertising on behalf of their clients.


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