Cisco to Launch its own Smartphone

John Chambers, Cisco’s boss, shower rumors of possible launch of its own smartphones, so many electronics companies are getting into. He prefers to establish partnerships with manufacturers of smartphones.

The rumor is recurrent Cisco could enter the smartphone sector with its own terminals. After all, the American turned around this business for a long time and has only recently confirmed its interest in the mobile world, announcing the acquisition of Starent Networks, which specializes in optimization of mobile stream.

Cisco is also present on the mobile video marketing and consumer gadgets, like camcorders Cisco Flip. But this is not so much the products themselves that the operation flow and channels that seem to interest the company.

This was further confirmed John Chambers, the CEO, indicating that Cisco had little interest in marketing itself smartphones. His concern is rather to work with manufacturers of smartphones such as Apple, Research in Motion and Apple, but later network equipment (or applications, with more software available on the App Store of Apple).

This suggests that Cisco, despite its strong cash flow, does not seek to acquire a manufacturer of terminals. Thus, marketing Flip does not fall as an entry for Cisco in the market for consumer products but rather a desire to combine applications and dedicated network (in the video, in this case).

While large groups always more interested in being a place in the sun smartphones, Cisco would therefore maintain its role as a supplier. A declaration that satisfies only half the analysts, the ingredients of Flip may very well be integrated into a smartphone.


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