DCI introduces fruit Blox Version 1.1 on Apple’s App store

FruitBlox is an attractive squaring puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch devices, in which players can enjoy making squares of fruits or vegetables, in such a way that the corners have the same fruits or vegetables. And now its upgrade version 1.1 is still more visually enhanced and set to attract more iphone gamers.

"Within a few days of its release, Fruitblox was highly popular among game apps and was well-received by the iphone gamers. We expect that this upgrade would certainly satisfy more new gamers and will drive our potentialities to a new edge," said, Mr.Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan, Chief Technology officer of Dot Com Infoway.

The new version, FruitBlox 1.1 gives players an ultimate experience of puzzle gaming. In this version, the company has changed, almost the entire visual design and the app is more colorful, now. Now the players can create squares of more colorful fruits or vegetables, keeping the corners of the square with the same fruits or vegetables. As same as its older version, FruitBlox 1.1 will have three challenging modes to play with. A player can select either the survival mode or time panic mode or if he is a deadly gamer, he can set the game to the Level panic mode and can make as much as squares to complete a level within specified time. With this FruitBlox 1.1, Players can check both local scores, and online scores for the game.


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