Classic Konami Arcade Game Leaps Onto PlayStation Network
With Enhanced Graphics and Updated Features

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced the availability of Frogger Returns
on the PlayStation®Network. The latest iteration of the classic arcade
game now comes in a downloadable format and challenges players to
safely deliver Frogger to his destination in a new 3D world.

In Frogger Returns,
players must employ familiar dodge-and-run techniques in order to help
Frogger out of the busy city and back into the marshland. Gamers must
also avoid the hectic streets, sewers and subways that obstruct
Frogger’s path home. By utilizing new power-ups including time freeze,
invincibility and time reverse, players can manipulate the various
environments to make it home alive.

Complete with enhanced graphics, a new camera angle and multiple levels, Frogger Returns
features local multiplayer capabilities and 12 times the content of the
original game. Players can face off and put their skills to the test in
the highly competitive timed challenges, capture-the-pad races and can
even show off their best scores to friends with leaderboards.

Frogger Returns is available now for download on the PlayStation Network for $4.99, and also on Nintendo WiiWare™ for 500 points.


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