ASUS Motherboards: First to Support Upcoming 32nm CPUs

ASUS announced that it is ready to support the upcoming 32nm processor based
on the LGA1366 socket and the Intel X58 chipset. This next-generation
32nm infrastructure, supporting six multi-cores, will deliver maximum
performance to ASUS X58-based motherboards via a comprehensive BIOS
upgrade. Chie-Wei Lin, General Manager of ASUS Motherboard Business
said, “This new processor architecture accommodates up to six cores and
significantly improves CPU performance. By enabling the architecture in
our award-winning X58-based motherboards, we can deliver one of the
fastest personal computing platforms in history and we are very excited
about it.”

Advanced CPU Performance And Enhanced Graphics Processing

entire range of X58-based motherboards is ready for the new 32nm
processor. For maximum CPU performance and advanced graphics processing
enabled by the six cores, users simply need to update the BIOS of their
existing X58-based motherboards.

BIOS Upgrade Required For Different Models

   Model       BIOS Version
   P6X58D Premium       0222
   P6TD Deluxe       0209
   P6T Deluxe V2       0704
   P6T Deluxe       1804
   P6T SE       0608
   P6T       0904
   Rampage II Extreme       1639
   Rampage II GENE       1033


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