Virtosoftware Introduces a New Web Part for SharePoint – Virto DataGrid

irtosoftware has released a new Microsoft SharePoint Ajax web part
for convenient displaying SharePoint list and SQL items — Virto

New Virto DataGrid web part for Microsoft SharePoint 2007, presented today by Virtosoftware, provides users with a wide range of
tools for displaying items SharePoint list and SQL items in a single
grid view. With the new easy-to-install and simple-to-use web part
users do not need to work with SharePoint Designer to make custom grids

Virto DataGrid is a ready-to-use Ajax-enabled JavaScript control
that displays items from SharePoint lists (from a site or a site
collection) or SQL items in a single grid. The web part enables
displaying of any field from a list or a table, allowing for flexible
ordering, sorting and resizing with drag & drop, supporting sub
grids (2-nested level) and SharePoint Access Level, that prevents users
with, for instance, “read only” rights for a specific list from editing
the list date through the grid.

With the new Virto Ajax-based control SharePoint users get a plenty
of interface-related features that make the work with data items
effective and convenient. In addition to complex filtering, search as
well as default and custom CSS themes you can easily change column
order, resize column and the web part width, collapse and expand the
grid, display and hide column footers, edit data and add new items with
a few clicks.

Virto DataGrid Key Features:
* Displaying SharePoint List or SQL Table items across SharePoint site or site collection
* Showing 2-level nested sub grids within the parent grid
* Inline and pop-up cell editing
* Column ordering and resizing with a drag & drop
* Ascending, descending and dynamic data sorting
* Deleting and adding new rows
* Summary footer row (automatically calculated sums, averages, counts , min or max)
* Exporting data to MS Excel
* Default and custom CSS themes
* Complex filtering
* Search

The commercial release of Virto DataGrid web part will be available by the end of December.


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