Being Square is Coming to Your PC with “bittos e”

MACHINE and Unconditional Studios
announced today that bittos, the innovative arcade-style puzzle
franchise recently announced for WiiWare, will also be available on
Windows-based PCs this Holiday Season.

"Yes, more candy for your brain with the bittos franchise coming to
PC!" says Fox for Unconditional Studios, "And starting today the
internet is squared by the arrival of the new website. Watch
gameplay videos, study bittos anatomy or even download detailed
screenshots, lush wallpapers, tiny messenger icons, and much more! Fans
can also check out our Facebook fan page and the official YouTube
channel for an array of extra goodies making our new web presence the
central resource for the growing bittos community."

Developed by Unconditional Studios and rated "E" for Everyone by
the ESRB, bittos offers players a chance to take control of a variety
of shapes while guiding, rotating and placing them in just the right
arrangement to construct vibrant, shiny squares. Yes, squares! In fact,
making squares and making squares within squares is what creating
bittos is all about. The further the player progresses through the
levels, the more challenging the game can become and the more unique
the experience. Loaded with multiple unlockable modes, in-game Awards
to collect, high score boards for both the player and the player’s
household, and a mind-shattering four stages of 10 levels in 82 rounds,
bittos offers one of the deepest puzzle experiences available today.

To learn more about bittos, please visit Fans can also
subscribe to the official bittos YouTube channel at, or become a fan on
Facebook at


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