Mitsubishi Electric Receives 2nd Diamond Vision Display Order

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
announced today that it has received a second order for a
large Diamond Vision™ display system for the Hakodate Racecourse, which
is operated by the Japan Racing Association in Hakodate, Hokkaido.

The newly ordered display will be a 17 m x 7 m high-definition main
screen featuring high-luminance light-emitting diodes (LEDs) aligned in
a 10 mm dot pitch (see "Specifications" below). The split-screen
display can simultaneously present two separate screens of content,
such as live footage of a race on one screen and race odds and other
data on the other.

The large display will begin operating as part of a new main stand in
June 2010, when Hakodate Racecourse is scheduled to complete a
full-scale reconstruction. It will replace the facility’s current CRT
main display, also built and installed by Mitsubishi Electric
Corporation in 1996.

In April of this year, Hakodate Racecourse also ordered a 15 m x 8 m
display featuring an 8 mm dot pitch for the paddock area. Operation is
scheduled to begin in March 2010.

Mitsubishi Electric has installed numerous other Diamond Vision
displays at racing facilities in Japan in the past two years, including
a 977-inch display at Biwako Kyotei (boat racing) in March 2008, an
828-inch display at Utsunomiya Keirin (bicycle racing) in March 2009, a
587-inch display at Maebashi Keirin (bicycle racing) in April 2009, a
561-inch display at JRA Sapporo Racecourse in June 2009, and 1,650-inch
and 649-inch displays at JRA Nakayama Racecourse in August 2009.

Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric aims to further expand its business
for large screens for racecourses and stadiums.

Specifications of New Diamond Vision Screens at Hakodate Racecourse

    Main screen   Paddock screen
Type   Diamond Vision LED
Size   735 inches

17.28 m (w) x 7.04 m (h)

  659 inches

14.59 m (w) x 8.192 m (h)

Light-emitting element   High luminance LED element (red, blue and green)
Dot pitch   10mm   8mm
Pixel size (dots)   1,728 (w) x 704 (h)   1,152 (w) x 640 (h)


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