Turn on/off GP7A-HD with Windows 7 via remote controller

With Microsoft Windows 7 installed, AOpen GP7A-HD can be turn on and
off via provided remote controller. You can now use GP7A as regular AV
entertainment system. To active the remote power on/off function of
Windows 7, please follow the steps as below:

  1. Open “Control Panel” window of window 7
  2. Select “System and Security” from control panel
  3. Select “Power Options” then click the “Change plan settings” of your activate plan (the dotted one)
  4. Select “Change advanced power settings”, this will invoke the “Power Options” window
  5. Locate the “Power buttons and lid” then click on “+” to expend its options
  6. Locate the “Sleep button action” then click on “+” to expend its options
  7. Click on “Setting: Sleep” then select “Hibernate”
  8. Click “OK” of Power Option window to store the setting

The default setting is sleep (S3 mode), the remote control just
sleep/wake up GP7A-HD. If change setting to Hibernate (S4 mode), the
remote control can power ON/OFF GP7A-HD.


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