GAO Instruments introduces Time Domain Reflectometer and Digital Multimeter

GAO Instruments is offering its added multi-functional portable network testerthe with PPPoE dialling function. This network tester combines thesatisfiesincorporates all of the practical functions of many advanced testing instruments such  Time-Domain Reflectometer (TDR) and Digital Multimeter (DMM). It supports network layer tests such as Ping, Ipconfig, Tracert, and Route and tests the cable length and various cable faults within a maximum distance of 150m. The highly rugged tester also measures AC or DC voltage, line capacitance and line insulation. Overall, it is an ideal solution to openfor the installation and to maintainenance of the xDSL operations.

The portable network tester is equipped with an RJ45 interface for both network and physical layer testing. It four types of non-shielded cables and 4 types of shielded cables which include CAT5, CAT5E and CAT6. The network tester displays the test results clearly in its color TFT LCD screen using a Windows-like interface. It is powered with an external adapter or by a built-in Li-ion cell and supports eight hours continuous operation on a charge. The network tester’s embedded software is able to be automatically has the ability to upgraded.In addition, this portable network tester provides a 20MB memory capacity and allows users to download test results directly to a PC or a USB diskdrive.


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