Email Threat : Spammers use bogus eBay ads to lure victims

MessageLabs Intelligence from Symantec Hosted Services has detected
a new email scam in circulation, containing information about cars for
sale on

These emails, sent to Australian email users, claim to be from eBay
Motors and are disguised as an eBay update with the subject line
“Hurry! These items ends soon” [sic]. The emails contain images,
selling information and a link directing users to a page that appears
to be an eBay advertisement.

The mock-up ads have the aesthetic of an eBay listing, however they are actually pages from within eBay’s community area. 

Exploiting peoples’ generous Christmas spirit and the increased
amount of online browsing and purchasing at this time of the year, the
ads encourage email interaction between the receiver and the spammers.
For example the ad for a Holden Monaro Coupe, a sought-after collectors
item, offers free shipping. It is likely that the user/viewer/victim
would question the validity of this claim.

According to Andrew Antal, Senior Director Marketing APJ, Symantec
Hosted Services, “This ad is possibly the first stage of a more
elaborate scam. If someone were to respond, we are assuming they would
become part of a more elaborate relationship perhaps be asked to give
up their personal details, forward cash as an advance payment and so
forth. Those falling for it would part with their details and money,
and certainly not get the classic car they were attracted to in the ad.”

Symantec Hosted Services has blocked the emails from reaching their customers however would like to warn Australian email users.


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