EMC Sets New Standard For Data Protection Management Analysis and Reporting

EMC Corporation, the world leader in information infrastructure
solutions, today announced new replication support in its EMC Data Protection
Advisor software. Now, users can centrally monitor all major backup applications
along with industry-leading replication technologies in both physical and
virtual environments. With this new expansion, customers have a single, unified
solution that monitors, analyzes, and reports across backup, replication, and
NAS infrastructure, leading to improved compliance and reduced risk for data
exposure while increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs.

Highlights/Key Facts:

  • Organizations of all sizes invest heavily in a range of data protection
    technologies to enable recovery under various failure and disaster scenarios.
    However, there is little visibility into these disparate environments to ensure
    that the data protection solutions are working to meet the appropriate
    organizational recovery objectives.
  • EMC Data Protection Advisor automates the collection of data from
    applications, hosts and arrays and constantly monitors for exposures and alerts
    on gaps that could lead to missed service level agreements (SLAs) and data
    protection objectives. Originally focused on backup environments, the latest
    version of EMC’s data protection management solution expands its monitoring,
    analysis and reporting capabilities to include replication software, providing a
    single pane for unified data protection management across backup and
  • New EMC Symmetrix® and EMC CLARiiON® Replication Support: Data
    Protection Advisor now provides data protection management support for
    replication software on Symmetrix and CLARiiON storage arrays. It creates a
    unified graphical map of application clients, arrays, devices and replicas that
    identifies what is working and where replication gaps exist. Easy to use wizards
    discover the application structure and all the associated storage, devices and
    replicas. Through automated data gathering and analysis, Data Protection Advisor
    will capture changes in the recoverability from any replicas. This powerful
    support allows for new levels of insight leading to improved service level
    compliance and recoverability of business critical data.
  • New Support for EMC RecoverPoint Network-Based Replication: Customers
    can now leverage Data Protection Advisor to simplify RecoverPoint monitoring and
    service level compliance. With this new support, customers gain increased
    insight into replication configuration and performance, ensuring service
    agreements recovery objectives are being met.
  • New Capabilities to Accelerate move to Private Cloud IT: Data
    Protection Advisor provides enhanced support for VMware with vCenter Server
    integration, providing detailed backup monitoring, alerting and reporting for
    individual virtual machines and ESX servers. New enhanced chargeback
    capabilities for backup — and new chargeback support for RecoverPoint — makes
    it easier for enterprises to deliver private cloud services by enabling
    efficient, accurate reporting of resource usage — an important step for
    building private cloud infrastructures.
  • Unified Deduplication Reporting with expanded EMC Data Domain® Support:
    New Data Domain deduplication storage system support includes expanded
    reporting for system configuration, power, temperature and fan components. Plus
    the solution now reports and analyzes deduplication ratios, providing a unified
    view of deduplication ratios across EMC Data Domain, EMC Avamar® and EMC
    NetWorker® backup solutions.
  • Expanded Support for EMC Celerra® Unified Storage: Data Protection
    Advisor now delivers graphical mapping of Celerra Replicator software
    relationships. New monitoring, alerting and reporting on CPU, memory,
    performance and capacity of Celerra, helping customers ensure performance and
    maintain high availability requirements.

Customer Quote:

  • Mark Butts, Storage and Data Protection Tower Lead for Nielsen Company,
    said, "As a current user of EMC Data Protection Advisor, the solution has
    allowed our IT department to gain the visibility of our backup infrastructure
    and fix issues before they become large problems or failures. With Data
    Protection Advisor, we now have a 97% success rate of our backups, which was
    considerably lower prior to us deploying the solution. Given we manage more than
    8 petabytes of information across two data centers, that was huge for us. We’re
    very excited about the new version of the software as we can view and monitor
    our backup and replication processes under one pane of glass. Now, we’ll be able
    to understand status, compatibility and recoverability of both our backup and
    EMC Symmetrix and EMC CLARiiON replication, helping our organization drive the
    highest levels of efficiency and avoid unnecessary costs."

Industry Analyst Quote:

  • Steve Scully, Research Manager at IDC, said, "For years, IT organizations
    have grappled with how to appropriately manage the various aspects of their data
    protection environments. With the addition of support for replication
    technologies in the latest release of EMC Data Protection Advisor, EMC takes a
    significant step in the evolution of data protection management technologies.
    Customers now have an easy way to automate the process of analyzing application
    recoverability across multiple data protection technologies, reduce risk of
    recovery failure, and improve service level attainment."

Executive Quote:

  • Rich Napolitano, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the EMC
    Unified Storage Division, said, "EMC’s advancement in unifying backup and
    replication analysis in its EMC Data Protection Advisor solution continues to
    demonstrate our leadership position in data protection management. Unlike other
    solutions and approaches that only provide a glimpse of ensuring disaster
    recovery processes work as designed, Data Protection Advisor provides customers
    with the most complete data protection management solution available in the
    market today. With the addition of replication analysis and visualization
    capabilities in our software, we deliver customers the needed automation to
    simplify daily operations, improve data protection performance and ensure that
    the most critical information is recoverable within appropriate time


  • EMC Data Protection Advisor, version 5.5, is available immediately from EMC
    and its Velocity2 and authorized partners.


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