OKI’s MC860 MFP Achieves Prestigious Anoto Qualification

Data Corporation, which markets its products under the
OKI Printing Solutions brand, and Swedish technology company, Anoto,
today jointly announced that the innovative MC860
MFP has become its first multifunction printer – and
its ninth product in total – to achieve the prestigious Anoto printing
qualification. With OKI’s qualified solutions, Anoto users can print
digital forms as they are needed rather than purchasing
pre-printed forms. This provides added flexibility, while reducing paper
waste and unnecessary expenditure. Anoto’s digital
pen captures anything written in ink on standard paper
printed with the
Anoto dot pattern.

Being the first manufacturer to have achieved Anoto printing
qualification in January 2006, OKI continues to hold the most Anoto
qualified printers to be used for the worldwide market.

Anoto’s stringent testing process has confirmed that the MC860
MFP is able to achieve precise printing of the unique
Anoto dot pattern – critical to the digital
pen’s functionality. This is owed to OKI Data’s unique High
Definition Color LED technology, which offers a key
advantage for digital pen applications by providing an extremely
accurate distribution of dot patterns.

MC860, a compact low-cost A4 and A3 color MFP, has been
designed to meet the needs, floor space and budgets of workgroups of 1 –
10+ users and small-to-midsize businesses. It is available in both
desktop and floor-standing versions and provides color and mono
multi-function A4 and A3 output – at the price and the size of some
conventional A4 only MFPs.

As the inventor of
Digital Pen and Paper technology, Anoto makes its
technology available to a worldwide network of partners who design
tailored, industry-specific digital pen and paper solutions. Users of a
digital pen with Anoto functionality are able to capture anything they
write in ink on standard paper printed with the Anoto dot pattern, which
is almost invisible to the eye but gives the paper a slightly off-white
color. The entire document with the handwriting can be saved
electronically or to a digital file. The information can also be sent
directly from the pen to another Bluetooth enabled device for
communication to a back-end system.

Sugimoto, president and CEO of OKI
Data Corporation, says: "Our partnership with Anoto
continues to get stronger. Since our first Anoto print qualification in
January 2006, we have continued to offer printing solutions that meet
Anoto’s strict digital technology requirements and we remain the only
manufacture to have acquired Anoto qualification for the worldwide
market. The addition of the MC860 MFP to the list of qualified solutions
further strengthens our ability to offer Anoto’s end customers absolute
accuracy and best-in-class print quality."

Norling CEO of Anoto says: "Historically, our
relationship with OKI has been very strong and we anticipate that it
will strengthen further in the future as the market need for on-demand
printing solutions continues to grow and OKI continues to qualify
products with us."


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