Office 2003 patch to play protected files

Following the occurrence of bugs, Microsoft launches a fix so that Office 2003 users can again access to documents protected by technology security services RMS.

Since last Friday, users of Office 2003 productivity suite has been facing a small blunder in conjunction with the Microsoft RMS technology. Although the public concerned is very focused.

Rights Management Services is a protection technology that allows data encryption and may limit the scope of operations allowed for a file (copy, print …). Only a group of people may have authorized access to such documents. This technology implementation at the server level for most large companies. Users must have a compatible application as may be Office 2003.

The problem revealed Friday that Microsoft has prevented users Office 2003 (but not Office 2007 or 2010 beta) to have access to documents protected by RMS. In an attempt to open, they were treated to an error message indicating the occurrence of an unexpected error.

Microsoft does not let things drag on, and the day after his announcement published a series of hotfixes for Office 2003, viewers Word and Excel 2003.


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