Ralink’s first Bluetooth 2.1 certified 802.11n plus Bluetooth combo

Technology, a leading developer of high performance wireless solutions,
today announced that its 1×1 802.11n plus Bluetooth combo (RT3090BC4)
has achieved Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR qualification, as determined by the
Bluetooth Qualification Board (BQB). Targeting notebooks, netbooks and
high-volume consumer PC platforms, the RT3090BC4 delivers an
unprecedented level of intelligent coexistence between Wi-Fi and
Bluetooth. With support for the Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR functionality, the
RT3090BC4 simplifies the set-up of mobile phones and other Bluetooth
products. It also extends the range of Bluetooth and improves
coexistence with Wi-Fi. Moreover, the RT3090BC4 delivers significantly
lower cost and power than discrete Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products, with
an optimized bill of materials, a simplified design, and integrated
manufacturing and testing procedures.


growing popularity of slim, ultra compact mobile PCs has sparked demand
for highly-integrated, co-located wireless solutions. To ensure optimal
radio coexistence between WLAN and Bluetooth, the RT3090BC4 combo
solution incorporates a sophisticated coexistence algorithm that
ensures improved harmony between co-located WLAN and Bluetooth radios.
It dynamically adjusts WLAN and Bluetooth transmissions to reduce
interference, and it responds automatically to the presence and
operating characteristics of nearby Wi-Fi Access Points.  This results in 80 percent faster WLAN throughput, compared to competing WLAN plus Bluetooth combo devices.

RT3090BC4 is a highly integrated solution that eliminates redundant
components that are required for discrete 802.11n and Bluetooth
modules, including antennas, connectors, printed circuit boards,
cables, and radio shielding. It delivers more than 10 percent cost
savings over competing WLAN plus Bluetooth combo products.  PC
OEMs also benefit from reduced manufacturing costs achieved through
easier assembly, faster testing, and simpler inventory control.

RT3090BC4 supports the final 802.11n standard as well as Bluetooth 3.0
+ HS, the bleeding-edge version of Bluetooth which was announced
earlier this year. The solution incorporates support for Motorola’s
consumer-friendly user interface and 22 Bluetooth profiles, including
high-performance multimedia capabilities such as stereo audio, video
streaming, and rapid digital photo transfers for personal area network
(PAN) applications.

Wi-Fi solutions are featured in millions of desktop and portable PCs
worldwide, as well as the entire ecosystem of WLAN products including
retail networking devices," said Dr. Horen Chen, President of Ralink
Technology, "The RT3090BC4 WLAN/Bluetooth combo solution enables
manufacturers to quickly move into the new 802.11n + Bluetooth combo
era and increase revenues.”


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