Rambus Acquires Patented Innovations and Technology from Global Lighting Technologies

Rambus Inc., one of the world’s premier technology licensing companies, announced it has acquired technology and a portfolio of advanced
lighting and optoelectronics patents from Global Lighting Technologies
Inc. (GLT). These patented innovations, which include MicroLens™ light
distribution technology, broaden Rambus’ solutions for computing and
consumer electronics. As part of this agreement, Rambus will pay GLT
$26 million.

In addition, it is expected that twelve people will join Rambus from
GLT including Jeff Parker, GLT’s co-founder, former chief executive
officer and principal inventor. Most of those joining from GLT will
form a new Lighting Technology Division led by Mr. Parker. He and his
engineering team will continue the development of Rambus’ newly
acquired innovations and provide complete lighting solutions for
customers based on this breakthrough technology. Also joining Rambus is
Chris Pickett, formerly GLT’s president of the Licensing Division and
general counsel, who will serve as a senior licensing executive for the
new Lighting Technology Division.

A key application area for the acquired innovations is light
emitting diode (LED) backlighting of liquid crystal displays (LCD). LED
backlighting solutions are increasingly pervasive in LCD displays for
computers, mobile phones, gaming systems and HDTVs, offering advantages
in image quality, power efficiency and reliability. These newly
acquired innovations enable cost-effective and ultra-thin form factor
LCD displays. They are also important for new applications such as
advanced LED-based general lighting solutions.

"Adding these breakthrough innovations to our portfolio advances our
mission of enriching the consumer experience of electronic systems,"
said Harold Hughes, president and chief executive officer of Rambus.
"Through the work of Jeff Parker and his team, we will continue to
enhance the display of games, movies and images on computers and
consumer electronic products."

"Rambus’ long history of creating and licensing leadership solutions
makes it the ideal home for this advanced lighting and optoelectronics
technology," said Jeff Parker, senior vice president Lighting
Technology Division of Rambus. "There are tremendous business and
technical synergies created by this acquisition. Rambus’ extensive
system and integration expertise greatly complements our new LED-based
solutions for bright, thin and vibrant displays."

As a premier technology licensing company, Rambus can accelerate the
market adoption of LED backlighting solutions across a broad range of
applications. Through this agreement, Rambus has acquired 84 issued
patents encompassing numerous innovations in advanced lighting and
optoelectronics. GLT will continue its operations as a leading
developer and manufacturer of display backlighting products and now
becomes a Rambus licensee for the newly acquired patents and technology.



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