Aneesoft Corporation laucnhes 3D Flash Gallery

Aneesoft, a leading digital multimedia software company, today announced the release of 3D Flash Gallery, software for creating interactive and elegant 3D photo galleries that display digital photos in an amazing 3D flash movie.

3D Flash Gallery creates photo galleries from digital images, and outputs in various formats for use on websites, computers and e-mail. With 3D Flash Gallery, users can easily create highly customized flash galleries with up to 500 photos, preset 3D templates, sound tracks and captions.

For people just starting out with flash gallery making, 3D Flash Gallery offers unique templates designed to make usually complex tasks much easier to accomplish. It does so by providing users with a sense of confidence and direction right from the very first time they use the application, so they can learn while doing, guided by the program itself.

Some of the major features in the program that makes flash gallery making easy and enjoyable for users include:

* Provide nearly 40 preset 3D templates suitable for different website styles
* Built-in photo editing tools
* Add caption and link to the photos
* Arrange all photos in an easy way
* Add custom sound tracks
* Fully integrated preview and playback
* Set timing for displaying photos automatically
* Publish flash movies as SWF files
* Make Windows screen savers
* Create self-executing 3D galleries (.exe) – no flash player required
* Send flash gallery by email
* High speed, perfect quality of flash photo galleries

"3D Flash Gallery is the new product line in our strategy of offering exceptional graphics software at a reasonable price," said Michael Smith, president of R&D department for Aneesoft Corporation. "The product is made for the population of creative individuals without the time or inclination to master complex flash skills, but who nevertheless have the desires to show their photos with creativity."


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