SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse now offers Mac support

The SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse now offers in-game
set-up for Mac users as well as for those playing on PC. With World of
Warcraft patch 3.3, Mac players will have the ability to customize the
MMO Gaming Mouse directly from within World of Warcraft’s interface,
making it more convenient and responsive.

Co-designed specifically for World of Warcraft by Blizzard
Entertainment and SteelSeries, the World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse
is the only gaming peripheral on the market that can be configured
directly from within World of Warcraft for both Mac and PC users. The
World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse is fully scalable to meet the
requirements of even the most demanding gamer and delivers:

– Incredible customization with 15 programmable buttons
– Superior performance, comfort and control for in-game dominance
– An amazing experience for World of Warcraft gamers of all levels and play styles

Easy to use, drag and drop software for PC allows you to:

– Program all 15 buttons with over 130 preset game commands
– Create custom macros (supports in-game macros)
– Develop up to 10 profiles, each with a unique illumination scheme
– Choose from 16 million colors, all with 4 levels of intensity and pulsation

New In-Game Set-up for MAC and PC allows you to:

– Bind all 15 buttons directly from the World of Warcraft interface, without ever leaving the game
– Achieve faster response time by customizing mouse setup in-game and thereby removing a layer of software

When using in-game set-up Illumination and performance features will
default to original settings. See FAQ: "What are the Default Settings
for in-game set-up".




  1. I’m not the most demanding player, I’m at most a casual raider. But, like many, I play under linux. This mouse is one of a very few that cannot be readily used in linux. After months of asking the company if I could help, I’ve received no response.

    I simply can’t use most of the buttons, unlike nearly all similar mice. I will be getting a mouse from a competitor as a result.


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