Splinter Cell Conviction: Collector’s Edition unveiled

Ubisoft has unveiled the collector’s edition of Splinter Cell that will accompany the release of the title. And like any good collector’s edition, it will be limited number of copies.

Long awaited, long fallen into a deep silence, recently resurrected during E3 2009, Sam Fisher is now at low ebb. With an expected output for next February 25th on PC and Xbox 360, Ubisoft regularly delivers his new titles. Today is the collector version of the game that made, a version which, as usual, which will appeal to collectors and fans of other goodies.

This edition, presented in a metal box, include: a figure of Sam Fisher in plastic, the soundtrack of the game, an exclusive place to learn a combination stealth, three new weapons (SC300, SR2 and MP5) and a mode infiltration in which the player must eliminate all enemies without ever being detected.

Ubisoft did not disclose the price of this collector’s edition but informs us that it will also be available from February 25, 2010 on PC and Xbox 360.


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