Gameloft : Avatar comes into play on iPhone and iPod Touch

Avatar the movie is about to sweep into the cinemas and
Gameloft already offers a version playful spin on iPhone and iPod Touch.

The film James Cameron’s Avatar will be released in theaters
as Wednesday, December 16 but the publisher Gameloft has already adapted mobile
iPhone and iPod Touch, James Cameron’s Avatar (Avatar name simply existing on
the App Store) containing atmosphere of the film but down 20 years before the
plot and thus creating an independent history.

In fact, they are entering the skin of the first
experimental Avatar on the planet Pandora, with its concept of Na’vi, external
body controlled by a human mind. There is Jake Sully, the human who must save
the planet by uniting tribes Na’vi.

We find the exploration of lush jungles, the pilot of
Banshee, the clash with tough opponents and to develop extraordinary powers. No
fewer than seven environments will be explored throughout the 15 levels of
play, with weapons such as sticks and bows and guns and the human possibility
to perform combos.

The scenery of the game are in 3D and commands use the
classic pattern of cross directional virtual accompanied by action buttons.
James Cameron’s Avatar, published by Gameloft, the official adaptation of the
universe of Avatar but offering an original adventure for the film, weighs 189
MB and is available for download on the App Store at a price of  $9.99.

See the video here –


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