Orange Cameroon deploy’s new voice-related services on its mobile network.

Comverse today announced that Orange Cameroon, part of France
Telecom’s Orange global communications group, has selected
the Comverse Voice HUB to replace a competitor’s system to handle
projected growth and support the deployment of new voice-related
services on its mobile network.

Comverse Voice HUB brings to Orange Cameroon a modular
state-of-the-art platform that enables a range of voice services
designed to generate revenue at each stage of a voice call.

In Cameroon, the Comverse services include:

• Visual Voicemail, which notifies users by multimedia message (MMS)
or email when a voicemail has been deposited. Users click to hear the

• Who Called, which monetizes previously lost revenue opportunities
by delivering network-based information that the handset alone cannot
provide, such as the phone numbers of callers to subscribers whose
handsets are busy or unreachable (turned off, out of battery or out of
service range), as well as the phone numbers of callers who reach the
voicemail system but do not leave a message; and

• Notify Me, which alerts callers when unavailable parties become reachable.

As part of the Visual Voicemail service, subscribers also have
access to the Comverse Web Inbox, where all voice and fax messages are
directed to a single Web-based inbox with at-a-glance details about
each message. With a click, Orange subscribers can access and manage
all of their messages in any order from anywhere in the world. In
addition, Comverse Web Self Care allows Orange subscribers to control
major aspects of their voicemail services through the operator’s portal.

“Comverse’s modular Voice HUB and the new services it enables on a
single platform squarely address our key concerns, such as innovation,
a superior user experience, flexibility, future-readiness, and cost
management,” said Jean Michel Latute, Chief Executive Officer at Orange

Orange Cameroon Chief Technical Officer Eric Diwouta Loth said that
the experience of other Orange affiliates in Africa with Comverse’s
products and services played a key role in selecting Comverse Voice

“By giving us the ability to easily launch additional services from
third parties, the Voice HUB’s open environment will help us to quickly
introduce new generations of applications to meet evolving customer
expectations,” Loth said. “Being able to rapidly adapt to the
requirements of the fast-paced and changing marketplace will enable us
to maintain a qualitative edge in our competitive market.”

Comverse has provided Orange affiliates around the globe with
products and services for many years. “We look forward to strengthening
our ongoing partnership with Orange Cameroon, assisting them to
increase subscriber satisfaction and generate new revenues,” said Dror
Bin, President of Global Sales at Comverse, the world’s leading
supplier of software and systems enabling value-added messaging and
content services, converged billing and active customer management, and
IP communications.

Comverse Voice HUB is part of the Comverse HUB Value-Added Services,
which spans voice, messaging, mobile Internet and mobile advertising.
Comverse HUB is a synergistic framework that enables service providers
to maximize their business performance and augment their position in
the market.


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