Pogo.com is challenging fan’s dexterity with the Release of Puck’s Peak

Brand New Free Online Game Challenges Players to Test Building and Balancing Skills.

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that Pogo.com is challenging fans’ dexterity with the launch of Puck’s Peak, a free online puzzle game. The new, Flash-based game dares players to build gravity-defying towers in a dynamic, colorful world while chatting with friends and earning Pogo tokens.

“We anticipate that Pogo fans will quickly become consumed with Puck’s Peak’s simple, addictive game play, vivid, whimsical graphics and original music,” said Michael Marchetti, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Pogo.com. “Puck’s Peak is a great casual puzzle game that will keep bringing players back to stack!”

Puck’s Peak invites players to choose one of three quirky, cartoonish characters called “Pucks” to advance through three distinctive realms such as Mountain World, where Pucks build towers up through high scenic mountain peaks or Forest World, where towers are started on a giant lily pad in the middle of a pond in the woods. Each realm is set to its own unique music soundtrack and Club Pogo™ members have the added benefit of being able to access an additional two exclusive Pucks and realms for a total of five.

Playing in one of two modes, Beginner or Expert, players must build towers with a variety of different sized shapes. As players continue to stack shapes, they are faced with maintaining stability at each 100 meter increment as the tower grows. Every time a shape falls, the player earns a strike, and after 15 strikes he or she is out and must begin a new game. Club Pogo members can increase their rank as their towers grow. For example, once a player gets to 1,500 meters, he or she earns the first rank. The game offers a total of 50 ranks and badges awarded at ranks 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.

Once a player reaches a height checkpoint, the tower must remain standing for three seconds before the player is able to advance to the next checkpoint. The higher the tower gets, the more Fairy Stars each Puck can earn to increase their power. Adding a twist, each power increase in turn diminishes the Puck’s time to use that power. Pucks’ special powers include:

  • Scratch: Uses “Uplift” to bring the next checkpoint platform closer to him.
  • Sprout: Can create a more stable tower by using “Intertwine” to bind shapes together.
  • El Diablo: Can eliminate any single shape from the playfield by using the “Inferno.”
  • Chilly D: Uses “Deep Freeze” to lock shapes in place, constructing a more secure tower.
  • Cosmo: Uses his “Black Hole” ability to suck away and replace the available shapes for placement.

Puck’s Peak is available as one of the free games on Pogo.com where anyone can play free* of charge. Club Pogo members are rewarded with additional benefits including two unlockable Pucks and realms, earning exclusive rank badges and chances to win double jackpot payouts.




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