VIA Nano Processor Readies VIA EPIA Boards for Next Generation Embedded Applications and Windows 7 Technologies

VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86
processor platforms, today announced the latest VIA EPIA-M800 Mini-ITX
and VIA EPIA-N800 Nano-ITX boards. Featuring the 64-bit,
high-performance VIA Nano processor, these new embedded boards bring
advanced digital multimedia performance to the next wave of embedded
devices on forthcoming Windows 7-based technologies.

Devices based on the VIA EPIA-M800 and VIA EPIA-N800 leverage the
performance enhancements of the VIA Nano processor, offering an
improved user experience with advanced human to machine interaction and
a visually stunning multimedia experience through the latest HD codecs
and media streaming technologies. Specific applications include the
latest media-centric designs in digital signage and advanced
information, ticket and kiosk machines.

"By selecting the VIA Nano processor for the VIA EPIA-M800 and VIA
EPIA-N800, we’ve managed to build on a successful product line and
address the needs of the market as we move in to 2010," said Daniel Wu,
Vice President, VIA Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies, Inc.
"These new board designs will help facilitate the gradual transition
toward technologies that are creating a new breed of graphically
sophisticated and digitally vibrant devices."

VIA Nano Processor & VIA VX800 Media System Processor
The VIA Nano processor is based on the 64-bit, superscalar ‘Isaiah’
architecture, boasting as much as a four-fold performance boost over
VIA C7 and VIA Eden processors while remaining within a similar thermal
envelope. The VIA EPIA-M800 and VIA EPIA-N800 represent an easy upgrade
path for current system and device designs based on VIA EPIA-M700 and
VIA EPIA-N700 boards.

The key to the outstanding multimedia performance of both the VIA
EPIA-M800 and VIA EPIA-N800 lies in the VIA VX800 unified chipset. The
VIA VX800 features an VIA Chrome9 IGP for DirectX 9.0 3D graphics, up
to six-channels of VIA Vinyl HD Audio and the VIA Chromotion video
engine, providing advanced hardware video acceleration for MPEG-2,
MPEG-4, WMV9 and VC-1 video, plus a VMR capable HD video processor.

The VIA EPIA-M800 Mini-ITX board
The VIA EPIA-M800 is powered by a choice of 1.3+GHz U2250 or a
fanless 1.2GHz U2500 VIA Nano processor, making it suitable for a wide
range of applications including performance-intensive and mission
critical applications.

The latest display technologies are supported via a front panel DVI
port with pin-headers for an additional DVI or HDMI port through a
daughterboard. Support for 18-bit TTL signal output as well as a
digital video input is available through pin headers supporting
CCIR-656/601/ transport stream video. An S/PDIF connector is also

Storage includes both an IDE port with a shared Compact Flash port,
2 SATA II ports and up to 6 USB 2.0 ports, two through onboard
connectors. Connectivity comes in the form of dual Gigabit LAN ports on
the high speed PCI-Express bus. The VIA EPIA-M800 can withstand a wide
temperature range from 0-60oC.

For more information about the VIA EPIA-M800 Mini-ITX board, please visit:

The VIA EPIA-N800 Nano-ITX board
The VIA EPIA-N800 Nano-ITX features a 1.3+GHz U2250 VIA Nano
processor and the VIA VX800 media system processor. Measuring only 12cm
x 12cm, the VIA EPIA N800 features onboard VGA, USB, COM and Gigabit
network ports to help reduce system foot-print size and eradicate
cluttered cabling for improved air-flow and enhanced stability in
always-on systems.

Aimed at compact digital display and signage applications the VIA
EPIA-N800 offers VGA and a multi-configuration, 24-bit, dual channel
LVDS transmitter, enabling display connection to embedded panels. As
well as two onboard SATA connectors, expansion options include a
Mini-PCI slot, with additional COM and USB ports and PS/2 support
available through pin-headers. The DRAM slot has been relocated to the
bottom side of the board for easy access and maintenance from system
design perspective.

To learn more about the VIA EPIA-N800 Mini-ITX board, please visit:

Images related to this announcement can be found here: 

Samples of both the VIA EPIA-M800 and VIA EPIA-N800 are available to
project customers now. Both boards include long term product
manufacturing support of at least three years.


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